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Pak Nai Sunset 白泥日落

Pak Nai (Chinese: 白泥) is a wetland area, partly mud-bank, surrounded by mountain ranges, in the Yuen Long District of Hong Kong facing Deep Bay (aka. Shenzhen Bay). Pak Nai makes up the coastline as Sheung Pak Nai (上白泥) and Ha Pak Nai (下白泥) geographically.

城門谷公園荷花 Shing Mun Valley Lotus


Alternate Process III – Silver Retention/Bleach By-Pass

Silver retention techniques have been developed to “create a distinguishing visual style” for some photographers. Some labs refer to the technique as silver retention, bleach bypass, or skip bleach. In all of these processes, varying amounts of silver are left in the print or negative film stock. And, no matter what it is called, the end results are very similar.

流水嚮水塘 Lau Shui Heung Reservoir

流水響水塘(英語:Lau Shui Heung Reservoir),又作流水嚮水塘,位於香港新界北區東部的八仙嶺郊野公園之內,龍山東北一帶,處於粉嶺平原的東北端,建於1968年,屬船灣淡水湖工程計劃的一部分,負責將八仙嶺西北部的水源收集,經輸水隧道供應至船灣淡水湖,同時流水響水塘亦是灌溉水塘,用作灌溉附近農田。水塘面積約3.5公頃,容量約17萬立方米,混凝土主壩高24米、長54.9米;副壩高7.3米、長39米,水庫規模較小。

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