Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir II 大潭篤水塘 II

As part of the Tai Tam scheme, the colonial government commenced the construction of Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir in 1912, the project was completed in 1917, cost 2.46 million Hong Kong dollars and had a 1.42 – billion – gallon capacity upon completion. The dam, designed by Daniel Jaffe, was 60 feet tall and 800 feet wide, 12 arches supported by half round granite columns were also built to prop up the Tai Tam road connecting Stanley and Chai Wan. Governor Henry May officially announced the completion of the reservoir on 2nd February 1918 and the reservoir operates until now.

流水嚮水塘 Lau Shui Heung Reservoir

流水響水塘(英語:Lau Shui Heung Reservoir),又作流水嚮水塘,位於香港新界北區東部的八仙嶺郊野公園之內,龍山東北一帶,處於粉嶺平原的東北端,建於1968年,屬船灣淡水湖工程計劃的一部分,負責將八仙嶺西北部的水源收集,經輸水隧道供應至船灣淡水湖,同時流水響水塘亦是灌溉水塘,用作灌溉附近農田。水塘面積約3.5公頃,容量約17萬立方米,混凝土主壩高24米、長54.9米;副壩高7.3米、長39米,水庫規模較小。