Finally, the flap door in my Nikon LS-9000ED scanner got broken during a recent scanning of film. It came out all of a sudden and fell on to the floor when the film holder was moving in and out during scanning.

A Broken Flap Door

My Nikon LS-9000ED scanner without a flap door!

I immediately posted a message on Facebook Nikon Cool Scan Users Group and got a reply there to contact Gleb Shtengel. I got his reply and then I ordered a replacement flap door from him. The response was very quick and the shipment arrived very quickly.

New Flap Door ordered from Gleb Shtengel!

Then I started following the instructions here and replacing the broken flap door.

Firstly remove all screws from the back panel

Then remove all screws from the bottom plate

Now you can slide the cover towards the back and expose the inside of the scanner

Then remove the four screws connecting the body and the front panel, two on each side, and now you can slide out the front panel and lay it on a flat surface

After taken out the front panel, remove the two screws on the small circuit board and now the flap door is now exposed for servicing.

Remove the screw and it will expose one flap door holding slot.

Remove the two screws on this side will expose another holding slot.

Please be aware that there is a tiny spring for holding the flap door in vertical position.

Insert the new flap door and make sure the spring is in the correct position.

Now putting everything back in place and the scanner is now ready to work again!


I hope this scanner can still work for another 20 years!

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